I don’t really believe in spoiling my kids. They aren’t the type that start kicking and screaming in the stores bagging for a toy. Sure they ask and they usually want everything but a simple “no” puts an end to it. But one thing I don’t have a problem indulging my kids with is books. I am an extreme book nerd which is probably why my kids get away with it. Anyway I thought I would offer my opinion on kids books my kids and I like.

1. Dr. Seuss Books: this is an obvious one that most people already buy. These books are ones that my kids keep bring to me to read and I enjoy reading them.

2. Robert Munch Books: Again another obvious series of books but they need to be on the list.

3. Fancy Nancy Series: These are some of my daughters favorite stories, and truthfully my son enjoys them too. They are about a girl named Nancy who likes to be fancy. She dresses how she likes and uses “fancy” words. The books help extend a child’s vocabulary by explaining these fancy words in a way the kids can understand. And of course like every other kids books they have lessons for Nancy to learn.

4. Magic Tree House Series: They are chapter books the follow the adventures of Jake and Annie. They discover a magic tree house in the woods by their house that allows them to travel to the places in the books they find in the three house. Both my kids really enjoy the stories. I find it helpful to do a little chapter recap before starting again. And there is an interactive website for the series that allows kids to explore and play.

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