Fairy Tales

So today I was reading some stories with my daughter and I couldn’t help but be a little wary of the story lines. In truth they are the same ones that I grew up with. Girl meets prince, girl discovers she is princess or special in some way (usually ends up in some sort of trouble) and is rescued by the before mentioned prince and they live happily ever after. Now I have to wonder if all this princess stuff is good for her. I gotta admit that Disney seems to have given their princesses a little more balls but it in the end it all seems to be about “true love” and getting married. I grew up watching this stuff and I’m pretty sure got brain washed by most of it. Even after every thing I’ve gone through in my life and with every shitty relationship there is still a part of me that still believes in true love. I would definitely label myself a hopeless romantic. I will apologize ahead of time to all the prince charming’s out there, but even though I believe in true love I really don’t think you exist, I would put you right up there with unicorns and dragons.

So I’m just wondering if exposing my daughter to this sort of stuff am I building up this expectation for love and romance for her? Am I brainwashing her in to believing it all? I know that I may sound cynical but it’s just what my past has taught me. I like to think that it is more being cautious then cynical (maybe a bit bitter at times). I do want my daughter to believe in love, especially in today’s world and I know she isn’t going to learn it by using me as an example, so is it these movies and stories the only way to do it? 

3 thoughts on “Fairy Tales

  1. Shannon A says:

    Hey Teresa! I would strongly recommend talking to a children’s librarian! I know that there are a LOT of excellent children’s books out there featuring strong and independent girls, and it isn’t just about finding true love and a prince charming. Your concerns are totally valid. I don’t have kids (yet), but it’s definitely something I think about. My opinion is that Disney stuff is ok in moderation, as long as it’s balanced out with some other things. I’m sure that as she gets older she’ll figure out how cheesy the whole thing is anyway!

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