A Quick Look into the Past

I have come to realize that even though my story is a difficult one it is not uncommon. There isn’t really a need to go into too much detail. What’s important is that you understand that I am a single mom of two and that the relationship I had/have with their father is slightly poisonous. Like most girls I was young and slightly foolish when I met him. He was the typical “bad boy” and I fell for it.

For some reason that I don’t understand girls like to believe that they can take a bad boy and turn him into something…more, but that’s getting a bit off topic. Anyway he ended up being verbally abusive and what’s worse I actually believed what he said about me. I was depressed, lonely, and thinking the worst about myself. In the end the relationship obviously ended. I would love to say I ended things but unfortunately I did not. I was six months pregnant with my second child when he decided that he rather be with someone younger and more willing to go out and have “fun”.

Recovering from that relationship was a long process. I didn’t date or even consider it for three years. I was scared of falling into another poisonous relationship and being too blind to see it. My kids helped me find my strength and they gave me reason to move forward. After a while I was able to find myself and parts of me that I had been missing for far too long. I was able to look in the mirror and see Teresa, to see who I really was. It took years but I was able to build myself back up into a human being instead of a living target for misdirected anger. Even though I am still get the blunt end of his anger now and then.

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